About Us

Al-Dar Al-Arabia Real Estate specializes in property management, feasibility studies, buying and selling, leasing, and valuation. All these services are provided in a highly efficient manner and is supervised by a group of academically qualified specialists in this field. We look forward to occupying our place as a leading company in the field of Property Management and Valuation in the Sultanate of Oman and the AGCC states.

Our Vision

– To effectively contribute in the enhancement of real estate development through our expert and specialized staff
– To contribute in the process of upgrading building and construction styles in conformity with tenant or property owner requirements by providing specialized, scientific, and technical advice
– To keep up with international progress in the field of property management and valuation
– Providing discrete services and facilities under the logo of Al-Dar Al-Arabia Real Estate









CEO’s Message

We are a full-suite real estate service company, offering value-added asset and property management services to the Muscat, Oman property market. With a deep understanding of the commercial and residential opportunities within Oman, we are able to provide the exceptional guidance both institutional and individual investors need, covering the acquisition, financing and management of rental and other income generating properties.

Our strength is in our flexibility, a trait that is driven by our determination to offer the highest service standards across the Muscat, Oman markets. Whether it is a high-end trophy property or a more functional property that needs re-positioning, we are able to adapt and deliver the effective solutions required. As the second generation own of this family business, the CEO is involved in all aspects of our activities, bringing a unique understanding and experience of the property markets to bring innovative, effective services to all our clients.

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